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What we do


We invest within the physical and technology security sectors, in both established and growth oriented businesses, across the U.S. and Canada

Our Focus
To make complete or partial acquisitions in physical & technology security companies. Centered on providing owners with cash for their hard work and accelerated growth for their companies. 

Acquisition Criteria
Investing in security companies involved in surveillance, commercial real-estate, residential safety, corporate campuses and executive protection. Focused on firms with EBITDA from $500k-$20M. 

Security Point
Security Guard

World Class Leadership

Our business model utilizes a world class board of like-minded professionals from the business, financial and security spheres. We are not franchisors, private equity or acting on behalf of outside investors. 

Proactive Partnerships 

We are partnering with business owners that wish to create a unique culture by combining a proactive and innovative approach towards security operations and business processes. This results in a reimagined interaction between work environment, guard productivity, technology implementation and customer experience. 

Your Legacy

Focused on being a safe pair of hands for your legacy, employees and identity. Our approach is tailored to support and build upon your existing company management. Retention of personnel and internal development is a core operating principal. 

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